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Pete Stone likes to find original and compelling media to raise awareness about Diversity & Inclusion issues. Discover the selection of ads, short films and articles that have been highlighted in Just Different’s newsletters. If you speak French there is a larger selection on the French version of this page.

Our latest interesting links

  • Since my youth, I’ve been a fan of Sting. I love this film which shows how one person’s action can have repercussions that they do not suspect. In addition, it describes the vision I have of my job: a farmer who plants seeds which need to be watered by others to create increasingly diverse and inclusive organisations.


  • An interesting film showing a man who is very cleverly called out for his sexist behaviour.
  • This film from Girls, Girls Girls Magazine magazine has been posted by many people, but is worth watching again. It talks about all the pressures, often contradictory, that women face to look the way “society wants”. I often talk with Lou-Andrea about the importance of trying to resist these pressures, but it is so difficult, especially when you are young.
  • This film shows a real-life experience where children’s stereotypes create a gendered view of jobs.
  • What does it mean to “do something like a girl”? The Always brand made a film on the subject.
  • We all know that advertising influences us and manipulates our vision of women. Here is proof in a short film. This second film shows that this is now also happening to men (but I am sure to a lesser degree).
  • And what about James Bond in all this? This is what Daniel Craig did in 2011 to promote gender equality.


  • An excellent film by P&G about racism. Let us hope France and French companies start measuring racial origin so as to identify and fight racism.
  • French actress Aïssa Maïga talks about the lack of Black representation in French cinema and television
  • This Brazilian film shows the stereotypes and prejudices associated with skin color. The statistics at the end are edifying. I am convinced that we will never really make progress on racism until we have statistics on racial origin in France.
« It is not differences of opinion
that hinder the functioning
of a group but the rigidity
of some of its members."
Albert Einstein
« There are truths
on this side
of the Pyrenees,
which are falsehoods
on the other.” »
Blaise Pascal
« He who is different from me
does not impoverish me.
He enriches me»
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Other Subjects

  • This beautiful short film shows that we still have a long way to go for some people’s view of homosexuality to change.
  • This film is also about difference and the importance of going beyond appearances (it’s also an advert for beer, which just goes to show you can advertise your product and try and change people’s attitudes at the same time. 
  • This short film shows the difference between the way adults and children see the world. It goes without saying that I prefer the child’s vision
  • To continue with the subject of children, here is a film about the latest project by the wonderful NGO Konstelacio whose role is to raise awareness of cultural diversity, especially among children. You need to make sure sub-titles are turned on as ut is in French.