Training and conferences

Diversity and Inclusion

Pete Stone has been delivering impactful training and conferences for more than 15 years, in English and French, on site and via distance-learning.

The fundamentals of D&I

Discovering the basics of Diversity and Inclusion

Through 6 independent and complementary themes, Just Different addresses the fundamental principles of Diversity and Inclusion: definitions, concepts, regulatory framework, behaviours, management, and what is as stake.

Whatever the format, three important principles guide the way we approach training and confeences: 

  • Often complex ideas explained in a simple way
  • No finger pointing, a non-judgemental approach.
  • • Use of humour to have a good time.

Our 6 sequences are aimed at all types of audience. We work with top management, middle management, HR, employees, elected officials and students.

6 sequences to acquire the fundamentals of D&I

  • Understand that a team, and a fortiori a company, performs better when it is diverse and inclusive.
  • Experiential learning to understand the existence and power of stereotypes and collective bias in decision-making.
  • To understand how divergent opinions, essential for innovation, tend to be discarded, and how groups tend to prevent the emergence of certain opinions.
  • Understand the potentially harmful influence of stereotypes, prejudices, and other bias in managerial processes, interpersonal relationships, and the management of oneself.
  • Learn how to reduce this influence.
  • Discover the different forms of behaviour that are harmful to interpersonal relations, so as to better combat them, thus promoting inclusion and reducing legal risks.
  • Understand the complexity of the Diversity and Inclusion issues.
  • Adopt an appropriate managerial approach in order to manage one employees with their differences (and not despite their differences) and be an inclusive manager.
  • Master the legal context and the spirit of the law to combat conscious discrimination, and understand the influence of stereotypes and prejudice in the recruitment process to combat unconscious discrimination.
  • This will allow participants not only to avoid discrimination, but also to make better recruitment decisions.

Going further on D&I

Mastering all the dimensions of D&I

We have designed 7 sequences to allow you to go further in your understanding and management of Diversity and Inclusion.

As with the fundamental sequences, they can be followed alone or as part of a course designed with you.  

7 sequences to further your understanding of D&I

  • Better understand disability and people with disabilities in order to better recruit and work with them.
  • Understand disability and people with disabilities in the workplace through Pete Stone’s personal experience.
  • Listen to Pete Stone talk about his disability and disability in general through his own experience. He tells stories, some of which are funny (well, for an Englishman). He talks about how he accepts his disability, explains why he doesn’t like cocktail parties and why he wants to banish the word “able-bodied” from the English language!
  • Combat all forms of exclusion in companies, including sexism and harassment, without creating an opposition between women and men and thus facilitate the commitment and inclusion of all employees/li>
  • Better understand LGBTQ issues in order to create a more inclusive workplace for LGBTQ employees
  • Understand the influence of culture and cultural differences in order to avoid conflict and work better in a multicultural context
  • Racism continues to exist, as does discrimination on the basis of origin. However, these subjects are often taboo. This sequence aims to clarify the subjects to better fight them.
  • Understand the legal context of religion in France, especially in the workplace, to better manage potentially sensitive situations

Build your own D&I course

Define the themes and formats that are right for you

The variety of our sequences and formats allows us to build the Diversity and Inclusion journey that best suits your organisation. First, we carefully study your objectives, the target audience, and the culture of your organisation. Then we discuss together the space and time constraints of the people to be trained to determine the best approach.

We deliver in French or English, face-to-face or via distance learning, in France or abroad.

2 formats to build your D&I journey


  • Up to 20 participants.
  • 2-hour sequences.
  • A stress on interaction: quizzes, working in small groups, brainstorming, discussions.

Conferences / Webinar

  • No limit to the number of participants
  • Sequences lasting 60-90 minutes
  • Interaction using digital tools such as wooclap:  quizzes, brainstorming, word-clouds, Q&A

Example of a D&I course

Our client wanted to train 60 managers without any notion of Diversity and Inclusion. The company’s objective was for managers to foster a diverse and inclusive environment. We proposed a journey comprising 5 sequences delivered over of a period of their choice. And to bring the subject to life between each sequence, we proposed digital capsules with 2 to 4 short activities: an article, a video, an exercise, a cartoon, or a quiz.

Sequence 1


  • “Diversite and Inclusion”
  • 1 session of 60 people
Sequence 1

Sequence 2


  • “Trial by jury”
  • 3 sessions of 20 people
Sequence 2

Sequence 3


  • “Unconscious bias and stereotypes”
  • 1 session of 60 people
Sequence 3

Sequence 4


  • “Discrimination and micro-aggressions”
  • 1 session de 60 people
Sequence 4

Sequence 5


  • “Case Studies”
  • 3 sessions de 20 people
Sequence 5